Pressure Washing

Professional Pressure Washing: Mold & Mildew Removal in Miami, FL

Have you ever wanted to get rid of dirt, mildew and mold stains marring your home exterior? We can help you there.

Mold and mildew can spread rapidly around the house, and play havoc on your walls, even your furniture. It affects appearance negatively, but perhaps more troublesome is that this living organism can be very unhygienic. It’s difficult to control the amount of humidity in the air, but there are ways to keep your house clean. That’s where we come in.

With our strong cleaning solution, we will remove mold and mildew from: concrete foundations, garage floors, home surfaces, patios, and many other areas.

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We power wash the following surfaces:

  • Concrete, Stucco, Patios, Walkways
  • Decks
  • Fences
  • Houses Exteriors

Much, much more!

Step by Step Process

  • Cleaning Process

Your home will be sprayed with soap, TSP, or some form of bleaching solution. We use high pressure spray machines to get the job done, as well as chemical injectors. This solution will remove any dirt, mold or mildew and leave your surfaces squeaky clean. Pressure cleaning is the cornerstone of many home improvement projects like painting, as the cleaning solution ensures that there is no residue.
Power washing will not peel any loose paint; however, it does get rid of the germs and mold that are breeding on the surfaces of your house. If you have any wood furniture, it might surprise you to know that it is more vulnerable to mold and mildew because it retains moisture. Painting over damp wood will cause it to deteriorate and rot. This is why sometimes it is a good idea to power clean your wooden furniture.

Pressure cleaning aside, we offer a variety of other services like: interior/exterior painting, wallpaper removal, carpentry repair, and much more. Just contact us and ask.

  • A Gentle Touch

Mostly, vinyl and aluminum siding is considered to be worry and maintenance free. Though as time passes, the siding can lose its luster and collect mold and mildew. If it isn’t removed promptly, it can spread, and continue to mar your house exterior.

Power washing is not effective for cleaning this type of material, so we opt for a soft washing method. The difference here is that we use low pressure water cleaning and the proper detergents to make the vinyl and/or aluminum shine.

Professional Miami Power Washing Services – Give Us a Try!

We are committed to giving you an accurate, free and immediate estimate on power washing your home. There is no obligation on anything before the estimate. So, give us a try, and let us impress you with our dedication and experience.

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