Interior Painting

Interior Painting in Miami, North Miami, Miami Gardens, and Hallandale

Our company is one of the leading interior painting companies in South Florida. We tackle jobs both big and small, and thrive on customer satisfaction. At the foundation of everything we do is quality workmanship, top-notch service, and superior end products. Contract us for your interior painting needs, and you’ll see we’re better than the rest.

Our painters are experienced, friendly, and hard-working individuals. We pride ourselves on offering you the greatest level of quality work. We will get the job done within budget and on time. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We provide the following interior painting services in Miami


  • Ceilings
  • Cabinets
  • Kitchen & Bath
  • Trim

So much more!

Looking for professional interior painters in Miami and North Miami Beach?

Step-by-Step Process

  • Arrival

Foreman and crews arrive promptly at 7:00 a.m. Day one will consist of the foreman walking you through the job, and outlining the completion schedule. You’ll be informed daily about job progress and what steps will be taken next. Crews will always be working on your job until project completion.

  • Protection

Trained crews make sure that your home is protected. Furniture will be covered with protective plastic and moved out of the way. Curtains and items on your wall will be taken down for safekeeping. Drop cloths will also be placed over the floor.

  • Drywall Prep

Prep work will be done to your interior walls and ceilings including major drywall repair. Drywall compound will be used to fix nail holes and other imperfections.

  • Caulking

We will evaluate existing caulking. Loose caulking will be removed, cracks will be re-caulked, and new trims will be caulked at the seams. Painters putty will fill nail holes in the trim.

  • Sanding

Sanding is necessary to ensure paint adhesion. Drywall compound will be sanded as neatly as possible to buff out any imperfections. Surfaces will be that the dust doesn’t make its way to the paint.

  • Priming

New drywall, drywall repairs, scuffmarks, water stains, as well as walls where wallpaper has been removed will be primed so that the final finish will be uniform.

Paint crews will use brush and roll. Brushing and rolling prove to be neater and provide a more uniform, thick coat than other methods.

  • Departure

We begin clean-up a half hour before departure time in order to make the site as clean, livable and secure as possible before leaving.

  • Finishing Up

At project completion we clean up your house and remove any trash and tools so you can get back to your newly painted home as soon as possible. This includes sweeping or vacuuming surfaces, re-hanging curtains, and replacing anything we took down for safeguarding in its proper place.

  • Inspection

Once the project is completed, we will personal inspect the work and make sure it meets or surpasses national painting industry standards.

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