Fence Painting

Fence Painting in Miami and Miami area

A bit of paint and color can really breathe life into a fence or deck. Whether it’s new, or you just want to protect your investment, painting is the way to go. We only use the top of the line oil-based stains. It’s important to pick the proper stain, so that it will give you lasting protection. Our professionals will take a look at your project, and decide on the proper stain for it. We work all over the Southern Florida area.

Staining or repainting a fence can really increase the aesthetic appeal of your home. If you’ve ever walked by a home with a dilapidated old fence, you’ll appreciate what a good touch up can do.

We’ve done many fence painting jobs for our customers and have an extensive knowledge base of how to get things done. We can also help you pick the right colors that would complement your current décor, as well as pick the correct products.

Our fence services include:

  • Care & Restoration
  • Cleaning & Sealing

We provide fence painting services in all Miami-Dade County. We will work on both new and existing fences. Please bear in mind that it’s important to give them proper maintenance to keep them beautiful and functioning properly. We have the utmost dedication to the customer, and thrive on customer satisfaction. We will get the job done for you, and get it done right the first time. Our company serves Miami, Miami Gardens, North Miami, Hallandale and Hollywood areas.

We use Flexcoat and Fencecoat paints, as we find that they’re the safest in residential areas. Many of the other paints contain lead byproducts, these do not. It is why we prefer to use the two aforementioned paints.

The following are the types of services that we perform on different types of fences in Miami area:

  • Cedar Fences: We recommend annual power washing to keep your fence looking good, and that you re-stain the fence every 3-5 years. The first sign of trouble is when your fence takes on a gray-ish hue; this is mold, mildew and tannins collecting on the fence.
  • Metallic Fences: We service aluminum, iron, and steel fences. We recommend washing and brushing every 1-2 years or so. If you wish to paint your metallic fence, our team can help you in choosing a paint or stain that will complement the area as well as be effective for the metal composition of the fence.
  • Wooden Fences: As with cedar fences, we recommend that these be power cleaned every year, and that they be re-stained every 3-5 years. These will also collect mildew, mold, and tannins.
  • Vinyl Fences: These should be cleaned every 3-6 months, as dirt and grass stains will accumulate.

Contact our professionals today, and we’ll set up a consultation. We’ll get everything squared away, and give you an accurate, free quote. You’ll be glad you did.

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